The fusion of fact and fiction

Photos of the authors Tara McGuire and Frances Peck, overlapped by covers of their books, "Holden After and Before" and "Uncontrolled Flight" respectively.

On March 13, 7:00–8:00pm, acclaimed author Tara McGuire and I will be at North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley Library to talk about the fusion of fact and fiction in our books.

Tara’s Holden After and Before, a gorgeous reflection on the life of her son, who died of an accidental overdose, is a seamless blend of memoir and fiction. My novel Uncontrolled Flight, while fiction through and through, relies on factual details about wildfires, aerial firefighting, and air accident investigation.

Join us as we discuss our process, research, characters, and themes, and the choices we’ve made to blend fact and fiction on the page. Register online to attend.

Photo of Frances Peck and Tara McGuire sitting at the front of a large windowed room, taken from the back and showing the rows of attendees in between.
A full house for our conversation at Lynn Valley Library!

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