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Hi, and thanks for visiting my website. You may know me as a Vancouver-based editor, ghostwriter, and instructor. This website is about me as a creative writer.

My first novel, The Broken Places, came out in April 2022. To my delight (and relief), the book was well received. Readers and reviewers praised it, book clubs enjoyed it, the Globe and Mail named it a best book of 2022, and it was a finalist for the 2023 Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize.

My second novel, Uncontrolled Flight, hit the shelves September 1, 2023. Readers are calling it another literary page-turner, reviewers are enthusiastic, and 49th Shelf named it a best book of 2023. I hope that if you pick up a copy, the story will grab you too.

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I’ve always been a writer. I was nine when I got my first typewriter. A red-and-white model designed for kids, it was cheap and lightweight, mostly a toy. But it made my stories and poems look official. They looked like writing.

When the realities (and bills) of adulthood set in, I gave up my own stories and went to work on other people’s instead. As an editor, ghostwriter, and instructor, I helped thousands of writers, subject-matter experts, and students produce better material. I wrote a little under my own name, co-authoring the HyperGrammar website (later adapted into HyperGrammar 2) and writing Peck’s English Pointers, but mostly I stayed behind the scenes.

Much as I enjoyed helping other people with their words, my own were clamouring to get out. After a decades-long hiatus, I tried writing fiction again to see what would happen. Like that, time folded back on itself, and I was caught in the magic of making things up.

Now I have two novels, The Broken Places and Uncontrolled Flight, that are all mine: my characters, my ideas, my name on the cover. Going public still feels scary; it’s a lot more comfortable to stay in the background. But sometimes you need to do what scares you—to rush straight at it to feel alive. That’s one of the things my fiction is about.


Uncontrolled Flight

A pilot crashes and dies while fighting wildfires in the BC Interior, leaving behind a traumatized colleague, a grieving widow, and an accident investigator with questionable motivations. In this “taut tale,” “at turns tense, sexy, and heartbreaking,” tragedy and mystery blend to produce a literary page-turner that is “totally impossible to put down.”

The cover of Uncontrolled Flight.

The Broken Places

A devastating earthquake tests the inner fault lines and strained relationships of a group of wildly different Vancouverites thrown together by the disaster. This “beautifully layered and compelling” novel with “nuanced, stunning characters” asks: when things fall apart, who will you become?

The cover of The Broken Places, with a bluish-green "finalist" seal from the Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize in the upper right-hand corner, across from the black-and-white Globe and Mail Best Books seal in the upper left-hand corner.


Head shot of Frances Peck with caption underneath that says "Frances Peck Ambassador 2024"

Federation of BC Writers ambassador

I was equal parts gobsmacked and honoured when, earlier this year, the Federation of BC Writers invited me to serve as their ambassador for 2024–25. Now that the announcement is official, I can share the news far and wide.

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logo for the Sista C radio show

CJSF interview

On July 5, 2024, Charlotte “Sista C” Ferrell interviewed Lisa Brideau, author of the compelling novel Adrift, and me on her weekly program, Speak Up, Listen Up, Act Upon.

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Poster from the Sidney and Peninsula Literary Society announcing "Curiouser and Curiouser, A Mad Hatter's Tea Part for Readers and Writers." The poster notes featured authors Gregor Craigie, Frances Peck and C.C. Humphreys. Saturday, May 25, 2pm, $30 per person, Shoal Centre, 10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney, BC

Sidney LitFest fundraiser

I’m delighted to be a guest at this very civil tea party, a celebration of reading and writing—and of course, high tea—to raise funds for the Sidney LitFest.

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Frances Peck stands outside wearing a sweater and a scarf

To drop me a line, or to invite me to your book club, writing group, or other event, email [email protected] or use the contact form. Or connect with me on Twitter (@FrancesLPeck) or Instagram (@franceslpeck).

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