Standouts of 2023

Covers of 12 books: The Broken Places by Frances Peck, The Crow Valley Karaoke Championships by Ali Bryan, Girlfriend on Mars by Deborah Willis, Rose Addams by Margie Taylor, Junie by Chelene Knight, We All Want Impossible Things by Catherine Newman, In the Upper Country by Kai Thomas, We Should Not Be Afraid of the Sky by Emma Hooper, Uncontrolled Flight by Frances Peck, The Future by Catherine Leroux, The List of Last Chances by Christina Myers, and We Were Dreamers by Simu Liu

What a treat this week to learn that not one but both of my novels are on Consumed by Ink’s list of standout reads for 2023! Books pictured here are standouts from outside Atlantic Canada.

And it was doubly thrilling to see The Broken Places on the blog’s top 10 fiction reads for the year.

Must-read books are published every day. As the owner of a bookcase full of titles I can’t wait to plunge into, I know that all too well. It’s a profound honour, in a world of wonderful reads, to be highlighted this way. My sincerest thanks to Consumed by Ink, and to all who in this busy world make time for books.

Screenshot that says "Just for you...a Top 10 list (in no particular order)...Top 10 Fiction: The Broken, Places, Girlfriend on Mars, The Adversary, The Raw Light of Morning, Eyes in Front When Running, Nothing in Truth Can Harm Us, We All Want Impossible Things, A Company of Rogues, Nosy Parker, Junie

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