North Vancouver book launch

Author Frances Peck sitting at a table, surrounded by flowers, signing copies of her novel, The Broken Places.

What a thrill to officially launch The Broken Places at the new Museum of North Vancouver! The event, on the evening of April 13, drew 95 friends, family members, colleagues, neighbours, former students, and other all-round wonderful people.

My huge thanks to the ever-smooth Eve Lazarus, emcee for the evening; Dr. John Clague, who regaled the audience with his talk, “Is the Big One the Worst One?”; 32 Books & Gallery, my local indie bookstore and extraordinary supporter, for handling sales; and of course NeWest Press, for believing in my novel and bringing it into the world.

The evening kicked off with glasses of Prosecco and a toast led by Eve. I’d like to issue my own toast here: to all the good people who made the launch a success, and to the kindest supporters and readers an author could hope for—salute!

Photo from back of the room, showing backs of attendees, with emcee Eve Lazarus and Frances Peck at the podium up front. A slide on the screen behind them shows the cover of The Broken Places and says "Reading + Conversation."
In conversation with emcee Eve Lazarus
Dr. John Clague at the podium, with a slide behind him that depicts the continental crust and earth's mantle in the area of Vancouver.
John Clague explains earthquakes

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