Genre-defying fiction

Graphic for "On the Edge: Genre-Defying Fiction," which features photos of Lisa Brideau and her book "Adrift"; Frances Peck and her book "Uncontrolled Flight"; and Robin Yeatman and her book "Bookworm." The graphic also says the event is presented by Iron Dog Books and the Surrey International Writers' Conference.

What genre is your novel? I get asked that a lot, and with Uncontrolled Flight I’m never quite sure what to say. Literary fiction, yes. But there’s a central mystery. Also procedural content about investigating plane crashes. And a love story—actually, more than one.

My novel is a mash-up of genres. For readers, that’s (hopefully) entertaining. I love to read books that are hard to categorize. But it can be tricky for publishers, marketers, and booksellers. Their lives are easier when a book fits nicely into one genre.

Lisa Brideau’s Adrift, a page-turning literary cli-fi thriller, and Robin Yeatman’s Bookworm, a black-edged and subversive satire of a romance, are novels that are similarly hard to pigeonhole.

Lisa, Robin, and I will sit down in July to discuss and read from our genre-defying fiction. And you’re invited!

Many thanks to Iron Dog Books and the Surrey International Writers’ Conference for presenting this panel.

  • Wednesday, July 3, 2024
  • 7:00–9:00pm; doors open at 6:30pm
  • Iron Dog Books, 2671 East Hastings St., Vancouver
  • Free event; please register online (space limited)
Photo from the back of the room at Iron Dog Books, showing the backs of attendees' heads and the three authors seated at the front. Left to right, Frances (speaking into the mic), Robin Yeatman, and Lisa Brideau
A full house at Iron Dog Books (photo: Lily Derksen)

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